NBN and Telemedicine at UWS Summer School

I was privileged on Friday 21st January to be a guest lecturer at the University of Western Sydney Health Informatics Summer School run by Professor Anthony Maeder.

There was a full room of young, and not so young faces eager to learn about health informatics.

Considering they had spent the last 4 days in class, I was very impressed by their enthusiasm on a Friday morning in beautiful sunny Sydney.

I spoke about the role of IT in the patient’s journey, starting from the ride in the ambulance to their management at home after discharge.

After me was Dr Leif Hanlen from NICTA (National Information Communication Technology Australia) our peak ICT research group down under. Leif presented on “Telemedicine in the context of the National Broadband Network”. For those of you from outside Australia, the National Broadband Network, known locally as the NBN, is a huge infrastructure program launched by the government last year to provide high-speed broadband access to every Australian home, business and other facility. The goal is to have 93% of the population using a fibre connection that will provide at least 100 Mbs and potentially 1 Gbs access to the network. For those places that can’t get the fibre,a nd if you have been to Australia you will recognise how big the country is, they will have at least 12 Mbs access to the network through wireless or satellite technology.

Leif looked at the barriers to adoption of telemedicine in Australia and showed how the NBN will really drive its uptake, which was very exciting.

You can see his slides at http://filestore.nicta.com.au/Telemedicine/slides/20110118-tutorial-email.pdf (warning it is a big file 16MB).

Worth reading as is the NICTA report 

 The NBN will enable Australia to take a huge leap forward in many areas, and health is one of the most important.


One Response to “NBN and Telemedicine at UWS Summer School”

  1. ask a doctor Says:

    MD247 explains that it believes in the potential life altering outcome its 24/7 telemedicine program will have in both rural and urban frontiers.

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