Harvard course comes to an end

As I sit at Boston airport waiting for my flight home I reflect on the last day and a half of the Harvard Leadership Strategies in Healthcare IT course I just attended.

Thursday started with a panel of hospital CIOs from the Boston area, three of the four were MDs, a uniquely Boston experience I would suggest.

Great insight into how they implemented EMRs in their hospital system, and survived.

It seems being a medico actually helps, but it basically requires the same soft personal skills that make a good doctor to be a good CIO, you just don’t call it bedside manner.

The next session was by CRICO, basically Harvard’s malpractice insurer. However they are pretty unique in that  are not a commercial insurer but basically a risk management research group within Harvard that not only covers malpractice costs, but actually analyses them and responds. They showed us some very impressive results. Their rate of paid claims was one-third the national average, their premiums up to one tenth the similar coverage in Miami for some specialists, and one fifth for obstetricians. They demonstrated how health IT enabled workflows significantly decreased risks for  various real life clinical scenarios including picking up abnormal test results.

In  the afternoon we heard from the CEO of EClinical Works, an EMR vendor who seems to be going gangbusters in the USA. His point of view was very interesting, and pragmatic.

We heard from the HIE in Massachusetts run my Mick Tripathi at finally we heard from Dennis Giokas of Canada Health Infoway.

Friday was a short day, starting off with three physicians telling us their experience in implementing EMRs warts and all, and ended with five of us from the course describing our issues.

The calibre of people attending the course was amazing, French professors, Canadian Standards gurus, American Physicians, government folk from Ghana, a very fascinating mix. Meredith and her colleagues who organised things kept us on schedule and moving like clockwork. John Glaser and John Halamka were great as moderators and never let the ideas slow down.

I highly recommend the course and look forward to the second week in May, by then there won’t be any snow on the ground so I may get a chance to walk around a bit as well.



2 Responses to “Harvard course comes to an end”

  1. Nilva Says:

    Hi George,
    I enjoyed reading about the course you attended in Boston. I want to see if I can attend the May session- I complete my CDC Public Health Informatics Fellowship June 17- so hope to sneak it in.
    Did Dennis Giokas mention how the evaluation of Canada Infoway is going? I understand the framework is DeLone & McLean with specific attributes created by Canada for the project.
    In fact, was there much discussion about factoring an evaluation component ( whether formative or summative) when planning for the implementation of a system. I wondered about evaluation when reading about the HeatlSmart woes in the Age. I hope you have defrosted! CDC-Atlanta was closed for 3 whole days recently due to the weather. Nilva

  2. Greg Mundy Says:

    Great update, thanks George

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