David Lee Scher has a great blog I recommend to everyone. His insight as both a doctor as well as a technologist is awesome.

The Digital Health Corner

In previous posts I discuss how patient-centric care differs from patent-centered care and how patient empowerment must precede patient engagement.  I would like now to delve into what I consider critical elements of patient-centric care. They all involve technology to various extents.

1.    There must be buy-in from providers. I am including payers, healthcare systems as well as clinical providers in this category.  While I realize that much of healthcare is devoted to satisfying legal and regulatory mandates, there is great opportunity to improve the care experience (and dare I say outcome) of patients by changing the focus from provider to patient.  Physicians do care about their patients.  However, they are finding less and less time to devote to direct patient care. This same situation will repeat itself with non-physician providers as they assume more responsibility for patient care. Unless physicians support efforts to provide patients with tools to…

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